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The apparent Feb. 8 suicide attempt by a man laying down in front of an oncoming Brightline train has caused city officials to reiterate calls for safety. The incident occurred in Wilton Manors at Northeast 24 Street, south of Five Points.

“The individual continued for a short distance walking parallel to the train tracks. The railway warning lights activated, the safety arms lowered and this warning system appeared to be working as intended."

"Upon approach of the Brightline train the man placed himself in the path of the train at which time he was struck. This individual was transported by fire rescue to Broward Health Medical Center to receive medical treatment and mental health assistance. Brightline officials continue to assist us with our investigation,” stated the Wilton Manors Police Department about the 48-year-old man.

The police urged motorists and pedestrians to use caution when crossing the tracks, such as not trying to race across the tracks in an effort to beat the train, and not stopping or standing on the tracks at any time. “We encourage everyone to use proper safety measures near railroad tracks and when a train is approaching.”

Since it began operations in January, Brightline has also made public statements on safety. When video surfaced of a driver going around the guard arm and almost getting hit by a Brightline train, Brightline posted the video and stated “Behavior like this is dangerous and illegal. When the gates are down, stop! Never try to beat the train.”