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The total number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 now stands at 206 in Wilton Manors with 19 new cases this past week.

“Unfortunately, this situation is going to get worse before it gets better,” Paul Rolli, Wilton Manors City Commissioner previously told SFGN. “Everyone has the responsibility to keep themselves protected for their own benefit and that of others.”  

As of Tuesday, according to the Florida Department of Health, the total number of cases in Wilton Manors now stands at 206, up from 187 a week ago — a 10% increase. That increase is moderate compared to Oakland Park, which experienced a 33% increase in the last week. 

“I urge everyone to stay home to the greatest extent possible,” Rolli previously said. “If you must go out, keep your mask on, wash your hands frequently and practice social distancing.”

Over the past 30 days there’s been a 60% rise in confirmed cases in Wilton Manors. But those numbers pale in comparison to Oakland Park whose numbers have almost quadrupled in that same time period. 

At the end of May new weekly cases in Wilton Manors had dropped to just 1. In May there were 30 new cases. In June, 22. Meanwhile in this month, there have already been 66 new cases.  

The total cases in Wilton Manors comes to about 1.6% of the population. In Oakland Park it’s about 1.5%. For comparison the percentage of positive tests in Florida amounts to 1.7% of the population. 

As Broward County and the rest of the state has reopened, Florida has set multiple records for the number of daily coronavirus cases in the last 30 days. South Florida has paused much of its reopening plans while Broward County has implemented a nightly curfew and new restrictions have been placed on certain businesses.  

"The City of Wilton Manors continues to 'think outside the box' to see how we can deliver services and provide relief to our stakeholders.  We have assisted Restaurant Owners by providing outdoor dining spaces for patrons. Several bar owners have applied for and been granted state restaurant licenses. Although some may disagree with this strategy, for a few business owners this may be the only action that can slow the bleed of this emergency," said Wilton Manors City Commissioner Julie Carson. "The City’s Code Enforcement Department is responding to numerous violations of the County’s most recent Emergency Order.  Code Officers are working additional hours to educate, assist and compel compliance.  Violations of safety protocols in Broward County can be reported by dialing 311."

According to FDOH as of Tuesday, 42,577 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in Broward County — almost four times the number from 30 days ago.

In Fort Lauderdale there have been 9,739 up from 2,397, 30 days ago. Next door in Oakland Park the number is up to 694.  

There are 369,834 confirmed cases in Florida, more than 4 million in the U.S., and globally more than 15 million. So far there have been 5,207 deaths in Florida, 144,000 in the U.S. and globally more than 616,000. Almost 800 Floridians have died in the last week. 

"In all events, acting responsibly by wearing masks, social distancing and washing hands often are the only solutions to mitigating this pandemic," Carson said. 

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