A few hundred comic book fanatics showed up for the third year of OUTCon at the Miami Airport Convention Center on August 4.


The largest LGBT comic book convention in South Florida was bigger and better than ever, with tons more content and shows.   

Cosplayers were everything from Disney damsels, and Marvel comic book characters, to really obscure anime characters. They came out in droves, and even the Princess of Pop made an appearance. OUTCon had artist demos, trivia games, lip synching battles, drag shows, costume contests, and even a strip tease/variety show.   

Jonathan Stryker, the founder and creator of OUTCon shouted, “We’re all here and we’re all different and that’s something to celebrate.”  He then shouted to the crowd, asking who identities as gay, straight, bi or trans, and the crowd roared in unison.  

 It didn’t matter how anyone identified, everyone had a great time.   

During the costume contest, there was tons of “Crossplaying” or gender bending of characters.  One of the biggest hits at the contest was “Fagotron” - a completely made up super hero wearing a golden one piece with what looks like purple pleather pants, and a giant rainbow cape.  He of course won the award for “Gayest Costume.” 

OUTCon felt like a safe place for people just to have fun and be themselves.  It was inclusive, and everyone respected each other no matter their sexual orientation.