This year, one organization launched a video game archive that collected LGBT media across games of all platforms. Now they have one more game to add to the list.

“A Normal Lost Phone,” a narrative mystery game launched by French Independent video game developer Accidental Queens, contributes to the social discussion on sexuality, homophobia, peer pressure, depression and more.

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“We wanted to create a narrative system that was non-linear but also immersive,” said Accidental Queens founder and writer Elizabeth Maler. “To achieve this, we took our inspiration from an everyday object, the smartphone. Most people use a smartphone in their everyday life, and would instinctively know what to do with it and what to search for if they were to find one in the street. By using this medium, we are able to create a close bond between the player and the main character.”

In the game, the player finds a phone on the ground and must look through it to discover what happened to the owner. Navigate through the phone the same was as an ordinary smartphone, and solve puzzles to discover the truth.
The game is set to launch Jan. 26 for PC, iOS and Android devices and will be $2.99.

Watch the trailer here.