Southern Comfort is a non-clothing optional gay friendly straight accommodating roadside campground. Located on US Highway 19 near Cross City, FL. Gainesville is approximately an hour to the east. Owners are Jim and Vaughn.

The leaning gray wood gate opens as we roll to a stop. John, known as the bear, and Maddi stand to the side as we slow and stop. Courtesy requires we greet both, gab a few moments then head over to the assigned site. It becomes readily apparent our arrival is the big event of the day.

Maddi and John are both work campers who are genuinely pleased at our arrival and make every effort to be gracious informative hosts.

Located alongside US19 with a fence between the roadway and sites the small property is open and exposed to view of all traveling by who happen or choose to look. A few trees dot the space, mostly along the perimeter, leaving the forty some full hookup campsites in the center exposed to full sun. Full sun on my visit is welcome as the nighttime temperature dropped to 37F. Road noise from the highway is consistent, though not much to be done about that with the proximity to US Route 19.

The Cruise Bar is a beer and wine bar open summers. John, the onsite work camper says Southern Comfort is too far north for snowbirds making summer the primary season. Pool table, grand piano and full sound system furnish the Cruise Bar. Outside is an outdoor beer garden between the Cruise Bar and laundry room. The laundry is a clean coin op laundry in good repair.

A pool is open though unheated. Jim and Vaughn are justly proud of their state of the art pool and filtration system. Tanks hold as much water as the pool and flow through complete treatment before reentering the pool for use. A small wire fence enclosure with some chaises and chairs randomly placed fill out the small space just outside the Cruise Bar.

Campsites are large open spaces situated down the middle of the property. RV sites include 50amp electric service, water and sewer hookups and surprisingly also cable TV; though we were informed that the cable company is going out of business. Along the fences, particularly the back fence, are shaded areas offering privacy against the fence and under the trees though none appear developed into campsites. Likely we are the only transient camper, though our visit is on a Monday in February. Most permanent rigs are old and look it. Of the dozen or so units on site most look like they will never be moved again. Campfires are OK throughout the property.

Southern Comfort is open for access all hours every day. All important infrastructures are new, all of it being replaced less than six years ago. A real rarity in campgrounds of any ilk, electrical power is individual dedicated to the main, which eliminates surges. The Tool Shed in a treed distant corner is the playroom open weekends. Tent sites are located along the fence and rustic, though a camp kitchen is coming this summer. Wi-Fi is new, and solid, also a real rarity in any campground. Southern Comfort offers three rental RVs with two more coming in summer of 2015. Rates for rentals range from $79/ night. RV sites rent for $35/ night. New cabins are slated for summer 2015 at $45/ night.

Southern Comfort is not a member of FWB, though is aware of the organization and interested in looking into membership.

Located an hour west of Gainesville, Southern Comfort is easily accessible for the college community.
50 SE 74 Ave.
Cross City, FL 32628
Located just east of Cross City on US19