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1. Plug and play. Look your best no matter where you might be traveling with the Shavetech USB rechargable personal electric razor ($29.99) Available in white or black.

2. TSA approves. Your computer and more will travel safely in the TLS Slim professional laptop backpack ($109).

3. Write a letter to Santa. The Clear Blue Hawaii Molokini transparent kayak/canoe ( $2299) isn’t cheap, but imagine paddling through the waves in this polycarbonate dream.

4. Proper hydration is important. The Fatboy Wayne Cooler ($28.88) keeps your favorite wines protected cool whether you’re on the move or just chilling out. Available in five colors.

5. There’s always next year. Travel in style in the Airstream Nest, available next summer. The fiberglass trailer is light and can be towed easily by most vehicles.