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As the LGBT community celebrates Pride, “The Big D,” a world premiere play opening this weekend in Wilton Manors, explores the realities of love and relationships in a post-marriage equality society.

Playwright Michael Mizerany, whose short comedy “20 Minutes and Counting” was a breakout hit at the San Diego International Fringe Festival, describes his latest work as a "comic drama about two gay men who never seem to leave the bedroom.”

After meeting in a bar, Todd (Grant Tambellini) and Charles (Gabriel Andrade) begin a whirlwind romance full of laughter and passion. As they plan their wedding, a devastating secret challenges their commitment to each other, the very foundation of their relationship.

“It’s about two guys who have been dating for three months. Their relationship is all sex and bars and drinking, and they’re finally getting to know each other and their families, and how those families have affected their lives. It’s fun and laughter until a secret comes out and all of a sudden it flips and becomes a very different story,” Mizerany explained. “They realize there is a lot more to love than the physical act…As for the title, it doesn’t stand for the d-word most people expect.”

The world premiere of “The Big D” is produced by Ronnie Larsen Presents. Larsen, the writer of the Off Broadway hit comedy “Making Porn,” is also directing the production at the Foundry at the Abyss Theater.

Mizerany, 55, also an accomplished choreographer and “dancemaker” who moved to Southern California from the Midwest more than 30 years ago, first met Larsen two years ago after being commissioned to create a waltz sequence for another of Larsen’s plays being produced there.

Larsen selected the play after holding a public reading at the Wilton Manors theater earlier this spring.

“Michael’s play has everything. It’s funny and sexy and serious at the same time. The audience really responded to his characters and the life-changing predicament they faced,” Larsen commented. “We have achieved so much in the last few years in terms of marriage equality and civil rights, but with those victories come some pretty sobering responsibilities, too.”

The world premiere of Michael Mizerany's "The Big D" will be presented June 17 - July 15 at the Foundry at the Abyss Theater, 2308 N. Dixie Hwy. in Wilton Manors. The performance includes male nudity. Tickets are $35 - $50 at