After a seemingly endless winter, lesbian comedian and actress Judy Gold is looking forward to escaping to sunny South Florida.

“Now I see why people move to Florida,” Gold admitted over the phone in between the snowstorms that have buried the Northeast. “It’s unbelievable—the black ice—I walk one inch at a time. It’s freezing and my arthritis is killing me.”

Gold is bringing her stand-up act, “If You Only Knew the Agony,” to the Rrazz Room at the Coral Springs Center for the Arts, this Saturday, Feb. 28.

“Now that I’m 52, it’s not looking too bad,” she said of the retiree lifestyle, albeit with a caveat, “I’ll be the one driving 400 miles an hour and honking and screaming,” and not the stereotypical geriatric driver inching along I-95 at a snail’s pace while peering over the top of the steering wheel.

The Emmy Award-winner has lots to talk about when she takes the stage:

“I do speak about my kids, of course, even though they hate it,” and her son Henry has threatened on several occasions to hire a lawyer to send her a cease and desist letter, the mother of two said with a chuckle. She also devotes time to the plight of women in American society.

“If I see another Cialis or Viagra commercial, I’m gonna scream,” Gold said. “Is it really the most important issue in this country when you turn on the television and see (endless commercials) for erectile dysfunction? I don’t want to hear about blood flow and the need to be ‘ready when the time is right’!”

Gold gets pissed about a lot of things. She is currently working on a new podcast called, “Kill Me Now,” that features interviews with celebrities who talk about what upsets them most. There’s going to be lots of material generated for her routine from that venture, she expects.

She also plans to address the social media phenomenon.

“Just because you can write clever quips at 140 characters doesn’t mean you can stand on a stage for an hour and entertain an audience,” she warned.

Some clubs admittedly hire comedians based on the number of Twitter followers they might boast. Gold also bristles at the notion someone in the audience might record her performances on a smart phone and post the video on YouTube. Sometimes a new act takes time to perfect.

While Gold knows the Internet has made life easier in many ways, she feels the younger generation is seeking instant gratification.

“This generation will never know what it’s like to smoke a joint and go to Tower Records and look through albums for hours and hours. The kids are always on their phones,” Gold lamented. “There’s no anticipation anymore. I still get a newspaper. I want to hold it.”

She added, “There’s this guy in my mother’s nursing home who can’t lift his head up. That’s the way people are all going to be,” after spending so much time looking down at their phones.

As for Gold, she’s not afraid of aging as long as she can continue to share some of her agony with audiences.

Judy Gold brings her comedy act, “If You Only Knew the Agony” to the Rrazz Room at the Coral Springs Center for the Arts, 2855 Coral Springs Dr., on Saturday, Feb. 28 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets start at $33.92 at