The Wedding Singer continues through the weekend at Slow Burn Theatre in West Boca. While the music may not be memorable, the one-liners and comedy make the show a must see. Scene after scene kept the audience clearly entertained and laughing.

“I thought the show was very entertaining. The one who played George was unbelievable,” said Kevin Klein of Delray Beach. “The best scene was when they were singing in the Bar Mitzvah, and George was left by himself singing a Jewish song and doing the cross. George made the show.”

I agree mostly. George, played by Conor Walton, did an excellent job playing the androgynous sidekick of the main male lead Robbie Hart (Clay Cartland). Show after show at Slow Burn, Walton continues to be a stand out member of each cast he’s a part of. The show is based on the 1998 film of the same name starring Adam Sandler.

The show follows the relationship between Robbie Hart, a wedding singer, who is dumped by his girlfriend at the beginning of the show, and his newest love interest Julia Sullivan (Courtney Poston), who’s engaged to a money hungry jerk, Glen Guglia (Rick Hvizdak).

It wasn’t just George though that kept the audience smiling, the other supporting cast members also brought much hilarity to the show from promiscuous Holly (Erica Mendez), to the beloved Grandma Rosie (Penny Mandel) and even Jerel Brown, a member of the ensemble, had the crowd in an uproar at one point while he imitated Tina Turner in drag.

The plot may be weak and unoriginal, but the comedy is outstanding. Overall it’s campy and fun and worth seeing.

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