Mel Brooks’ multi-award winning musical, “The Producers,” will run from January 10 through 29, 2017 at the Maltz-Jupiter Theatre, 1001 Indiantown Road, Jupiter. Sponsored by Jane Napier and William W. Napier, tickets start at $56.

For show times and additional information, call (561) 575-2223 or visit

“It’s unlikely that anyone who knows anything about musicals is unaware of ‘The Producers’,” said Mark Martino, director of the Maltz production who took a few minutes from his tightly configured schedule to share some of his life in theater.

“The musical is extremely funny with Mel Brooks’ humor expressed visually as well as verbally. It’s great,” he continued. “After all that’s happened in 2016 I’m happy that our first show in the New Year is funny.”
“The Producers” marks the return of Martino and fellow Carbonell Award winner, choreographer Shea Sullivan, who previously collaborated on the Theatre’s productions of “Crazy for You,” “The Music Man” and “The Will Rogers Follies: A Life in Revue.”

The Mel Brooks film, “The Producers,” was originally released in1968 and won a number of awards. In 2001, Brooks adapted the story into a musical with the same title, winning more awards. In 2005 he adapted the musical into another movie with the same title. And… you guessed it, more awards.

So it has to be good. And even better with a cast of 21, a nine-piece orchestra and tremendous costumes, the musical will showcase the scenic design of Carbonell nominee Paul Tate dePoo III, lighting design by Carbonell nominee Paul Black, costume design by Carbonell nominee Gail Baldoni, music direction by Michael Larsen, and sound design by Carbonell Award winner Marty Mets.


The gay connection – Mark Martino

At 63, Director Mark Martino was born in Indianapolis, Indiana in the middle of the baby boom generation (1946 to 1964) but unlike many of his contemporaries he experienced little to no anti-gay bullying as a child.

“I guess I was ‘straight acting’” he chuckled.

His father had died while Martino was still pretty young but his mother was very supportive – both of his being gay as well as his desire to make a living in the arts.

Raised in Indianapolis, he went to college at William and Mary, majoring in theater. Upon graduation, he took a position teaching theater at a small high school in Northern Virginia, just outside Washington, DC.

After several years in education he moved to New York City where he spent the next 25 years as an actor. About a dozen years ago he began directing. “It was the next logical step,” he said.

Martino’s favorite role is Zach in “A Chorus Line” and “A Chorus Line” is his favorite musical. “Kind of type-casting,” he suggested.

A musical that has never attracted him is “Cats.”

“I’ve been invited to direct it a couple of times but other commitments have kept me away,” he said. “So perhaps I’m not meant to do it.”

He loves his work and his favorite out-of-town theater is the Maltz. “It’s a totally professional organization with the feeling of family,” he said. “You can tell people care about their mission. It’s just a great place to work.”

Martino and his husband, Jose Fidellino were married in 2008 in California and make their home in New York City. Fidellino works for ABC News so he doesn’t get to travel much with Martino. But occasionally he makes it to an opening night.

“We produce major works in 3 to 3 ½ days so there’s not much time for anything but the show, said Martino. “There’s no sense traveling for that.”