Review: The Mousetrap Captures the Audience

The Maltz-Jupiter Theatre launched its 2015/16 show, “Another Op’nin’ Another Show,” on Oct 25 with a full house and brisk ticket sales for the remainder of the run of the world’s longest running play in history, “The Mousetrap” by Dame Agatha Christie.

The play opened in 1952 in London’s West End with middling expectations by both playwright and producers. Sixty three years later and over 26,000 performances, the play is still keeping audiences bemused trying to guess whodunit.

According to director, Peter Amster, in the Director’s Notes, “at the end of each performance, audiences are asked not to reveal the identity of the killer to anyone outside the theatre assuring that the play isn’t spoiled for future audiences.” And it seems to work. I’m not telling.

It cannot be denied that the play is dated with references to such things as central heating systems and cutting telephone lines but it’s dated like Shakespeare or the Bible – the only two literary collections to outsell Christie’s opus.

Like Shakespeare and the Bible, “The Mousetrap” deals with timeless issues of the human condition as embodied by the characters. Love, hate, fear, isolation, mental illness, revenge, are outlined by the author and filled in by director and actors. Beautifully, I might add.

Special mention to Richard Werson, who played Christopher Wren, the probably gay, and possibly bipolar guy. This was his first time at the Maltz and based on the lack of any previous productions listed in his bio his first time on stage. If so… Wow! And if he isn’t gay, he should be. Can I say that?

The play runs though Nov. 8. Single tickets start at $55. For tickets, call 561-575-2223 or visit

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