“Nudity returns to the Foundry” was the subject line of an email from producer and playwright Ronnie Larsen and broadcast to thousands of LGBT theater patrons last week. 

Larsen may be best known for his sex-themed comedies “Making Porn,” “Cocksucker – a Love Story” and “Happy Ending,” but audiences have more recently been treated to his more serious side with a revival of the tap-dancing musical “Come Out, Come Out!” headed for an Off-Broadway debut this summer. Lots of fancy steps, not so much skin. 

For one weekend only, March 31 – April 3, Larsen will be offering his nudity-starved audiences a cabaret program, “April Fools: A Night of Naked Comedy and Music,” featuring Adam Sank and Patrick Bodd. 

Sank — and his penis — may already be familiar. He was one of the stars of Larsen’s “Totally Naked Comedy Tour” in 2019. Bodd, Sank’s boyfriend of nine months, will be baring his songwriting and singing talent — along with his birthday suit — for the first time. 

Ironically, Sank never met Larsen during the run of the naked comedy show. Only while attending a performance of “Come Out” did they finally meet. 

“We had done everything via long-distance texting,” Sank recalled. “When we met, Ronnie said, ‘Oh my God! I want you to come back and do more naked comedy.’” 

Sank had technically been in retirement when he journeyed to Wilton Manors for the first time, but decided to give it another go, this time with his musician boyfriend in tow. Afterall, he had “fell into a lane there for a few years as the gay naked comedian. When I introduced Patrick as my boyfriend, Ronnie said, ‘Perfect! I want you both.’” 

Bodd weighed in on the unique opportunity: “I told him I’ll do a naked show. I’ve been naked in front of plenty of people … just never while performing. We’ll forget about it after two seconds. That’s our costume. There’s nothing more exposed than doing comedy and original songs, so why not go ‘full Monty?’” 

And Sank added, “You’ll see our goods — all of them. Patrick has more goods than I do.” 

Without missing a beat, Bodd responded, “I just hope it’s warm in the theater. The vanity could fade fast.” 

Both are excited to perform in front of the Foundry’s largely gay audience. Even though both grew up outside of New York City and have called the city home for many years, they appreciate the critical mass the region’s LGBT population provides for arts and theater organizations. 

“It’s so impressive that there’s two [gay] theaters down there,” said Sank. “It’s not a big city, but there’s an audience there. I’m so excited to have discovered this. I’d heard about the gayborhood, which is what a friend from Fort Lauderdale used to call it. It’s like the promised land.” 

Bodd added, “It’s going to be like arriving in the Emerald City. I write country/folk/rock — totally gay songs — so I’m especially excited to perform for an audience that will appreciate them. I can’t wait to see how they land.” 

But, again, it will help if the theater is warm enough, they again pointed out. Take note, Ronnie Larsen.

Ronnie Larsen presents Adam Sank and Patrick Bodd in “April Fools: A Night of Naked Comedy and Music,” March 31 – April 3 at the Foundry, 2306 N. Dixie Hwy. in Wilton Manors. Tickets start at $35 at RonnieLarsen.com.


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