In the press release for “Me And My Girl,” the Maltz-Jupiter Theatre quoted their producing artistic director and chief executive, Andrew Kato, saying, “I’m ecstatic to have this group of artists collaborate for the Maltz Jupiter Theatre’s production of ‘Me and My Girl.’ They are each incredibly talented individually, and I can’t wait to see what they create when they work together on this lovable, infectious musical. Our audiences are in for an enchanting adventure!”

Mr. Kato is a master of understatement.  The production is great, fun and amazing.  During a preview conversation with Matt Boehr (Bill Snibson), the male lead said, “a lot of the humor is physical.”  Little thought was given to what that meant until the curtain went up and the action began. 

Boehr and his co-star, Julie Kleiner (Sally Smith) threw themselves around the stage to the amazement of most of the audience whose arthritis twinged with every beautifully executed fall and crash. I know mine did.

Two acrobatic scenes of particular note are the one with the song “You Would If You Could” where Loehr throws himself face first into a leather chair from a standing position and fends off the wicked wiles of fortune hunter Lady Jaquie (Lauren Blackman) sparring with her with words and acrobatics.

The second is a scene with the two leads hilariously discussing their fractured knowledge of British history during which time Bill is dancing with an outsized ermine cape until he finally gets himself completely tied up in the fabric and has to be rescued by Sally.

The songs are wonderful and the support of a ten-piece orchestra makes the theatre feel even larger than it is.  I didn’t know any of the songs and the preview reference to everyone leaving the theatre humming “Love Makes the World Go Round,” was wrong.  Same title; different tune. Both pretty, but not the same.

With music by Noel Gay and original book and lyrics by Douglas Furber and L. Arthur Rose, The musical opened in London’s West End in 1937 and was launched as a movie in 1939. After several more incarnations, the work was revived on Broadway in 1986, winning 3 out of 11 Tony Award nominations.

In the preview we compared the story line to “My Fair Lady” and it is that in some ways but much more rough-and-tumble and funny.  It’s the story of a ne’er-do-well inheriting a title and wealth in the British aristocracy if he can be a credit to the lineage.

The problem is that he he’s in love with a woman from his disreputable neighborhood and he must decide whether to forgo his evolving sense of duty to his family’s name or abandon his love.  

You can be in awe of the production, in love with the characters, and glad you went to see it through Dec. 18.  Tickets start at $56 and are available at the box office, 561-575-2223 or online at

Maltz-Jupiter Annual Pride Night

The Maltz-Jupiter Theatre will hold its 8th annual “Gay Pride Night on Saturday, Dec. 17 starting at 7 p.m. in the Club Level on the second floor. 

The event includes the musical “Me and My Girl” starring audience favorites, Matt Loehr and Julie Kleiner. Pride Night tickets are $50 and are available through the box office by calling 561-575-2223 and mentioning the code COCKNEY.

 “We’re exploring a new format,” said Dana Munson, Director of Marketing for the theatre.   “The Pride Night seats are regularly $64 which doesn’t include food.  For $50, attendees get great seats, wonderful hors d’oeuvres provided by new sponsor, Craft Bar and Kitchen, and a meet-and-greet dessert of ice cream provided by long-time supporter Kilwin’s of Jupiter.”

“We’ve been here a year and we think it’s important to support other local businesses,” said the restaurant general manager Kelly Dakis.  “The food will include: crab & shiitake arancine; pickled veggies, olive tapenade and hummus with naan bread; fried pork dumplings and more,” she added.

Other sponsors of the annual event are: Compass, South Florida Gay News, and Get Out! South Florida