No one has been celebrating the marriage equality victory more than comedian Margaret Cho and she wants to officiate over the marriages of LGBT couples in the audience at her upcoming appearance in Miami Beach.

“I’ve been working on marriage equality since 2004, so this is a great thing to celebrate with everybody, with an actual ceremony,” she explained in a phone interview. “It will be fun. It’s a great wedding story.”

The veteran comic is no amateur when it comes to helping couples tie the knot. She first married gay couples at San Francisco City Hall when Mayor Gavin Newsome briefly authorized same sex nuptials in 2004, and again for a few months in 2008 when the California Supreme Court struck down the state’s ban before the passage of Proposition 8.

She even became an ordained minister, “from some church on the Internet. I have a card, but it doesn’t matter (which one),” she explained.

Cho will also entertain marriage proposals during the show.

“More and more, people are looking for a special occasion, so that works, too,” she said. “We’ve had to deal with so much institutionalized homophobia because of these laws and now it’s written into the Constitution.”

Cho added in her deadpan manner, “Denying gay men the bridal registry was the ultimate travesty.”

Cho is never at a loss for words and marriage equality isn’t the only topic on her mind. She also plans to talk about the 24-hour news cycle, the many police brutality cases in the news and the Bill Cosby rape allegations.

“One way to manage anger is through humor,” she pointed out.

But she isn’t going to only focus on the negative headlines. Cho also plans to celebrate the lives of two important role models, Robin Williams and Joan Rivers. She plans to play the race card and the “rice” card and has also been following social media to find other topics for her act.

“We have more visibility, more ethnic diversity,” Cho, a Korean-American who is also publicly bisexual, said, noting that within the LGBT “alphabet” Cho doesn’t see as much “B (bisexual) presence.”

She predicts the next battle for the LGBT community will be workplace and housing protections, adoption rights and restrictive “religious liberty” laws that license discrimination.

“They’ve been using that lame excuse because Jesus probably would have understood that and accepted that and loved that. It’s not really Christian to be a homophobe,” Cho argued.

Cho is looking forward to returning to the stage in South Florida, even though she has some television projects also in the works.

“I think I’m better at it,—comedians get better with time,” she said. “Comedians who are focused on live shows really push themselves. They’re able to be in the moment as well as to deliver a show.”

Margaret Cho appears Friday, Oct. 30 at 8 p.m. at The Fillmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami Beach. Tickets are $29.50 – $49.50 at