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Lesbian playwright Kim Ehly angrily took to social media after learning producers of “Shorts Gone Wild 2,” an LGBT-themed short play festival opening this weekend, pulled her play, “Clit Tease,” from the line-up.

“Shorts Gone Wild” is a co-production of Miami’s City Theatre and Island City Stage in its second season featuring a handful of 8- to 10-minute short plays performed by a cast of six actors. All the plays have LGBT or adult themes.

Ehly said she initially received praise for her play in a text message from producers after the first reading: “Your play is very good. It’s sexy, very funny and has an important point to make.” Then, she was contacted two weeks later by producers who told her the play was pulled because two straight actors in the small cast refused to perform the play, citing personal reasons.

Ehly wrote on her blog and posted to Facebook: “This is a play inspired by a meld of women from over 26 years of being a lesbian. Their behavior is the inspiration for this is a matter of telling the lesbian perspective of the habit of ‘straight’ women that like to toy with lesbians for sport. It is a common occurrence. If that makes them look bad, that is only a result of their own behavior.

“The play also explores Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I take it as a huge compliment that there are such strong reactions to the play and that it is assumed to be based on truth rather than fiction. This play is meant to stir emotions. That speaks to an ability to write from a place of connecting to something far below the surface of things.”

Andy Rogow, artistic director of Island City Stage and co-producer of “Shorts Gone Wild 2,” called the entire situation “unfortunate.”

“We can be accused of a lot of things, but it came down to a choice between a play or two actors. Both sides were right, but they couldn’t be reconciled,” Rogow said.

Ehly pledged to produce the short play with her own company, Kutumba Theatre Project, which focuses primarily on lesbian themes.

Ehly, who is in New York City for the debut of her play, “BabyGirL,” at the New York Fringe Festival, said, “A company can’t claim to represent the LGBT community if they leave the ‘L’ out.”

“Shorts Gone Wild 2” opens Thursday, Aug. 7 and runs through Sunday, Sept. 7 at Empire Stage, 1140 N. Flagler Dr. in Fort Lauderdale. For tickets and show times, go to