Four years ago I would not have written this review. Four years ago I would have never considered giving coverage to a porn star. It was, quite frankly; too taboo a place to go in my book.

I am in a new stage of acceptance now as my time in South Florida has given me an opportunity to understand those who choose to engage in sex work. Chris Harder is an adult film actor but above all he is a human being chasing his dreams and I have a feeling his star has only begun to truly shine.

When Harder called to invite me to his one-man show, I was at first flattered and then intrigued. After all, I had no clue as to his body of work. Much to my surprise, I found a super talented and creative young man with the ability to assume the role of many characters.

Those characters – from his mother, pastor, director and arch nemesis -- have sculpted an interesting and sensitive life. Like many attractive dancers, Harder has some international travel under his belt. Living in New York City and still standing is no small feat either.

In #BigBrightStar, Harder teases you with a revealing life story, taking the audience on a journey through his becoming one of gay porn’s best performers. This one man burlesque show is a hit for its hunky, furry figured acting and even more so for the 31-year-old North Dakota boy’s confidence and charm.

A tip of the hat to David Drake, whose television acting credits include “The Good Wife” and “Law & Order” for directing and Andrews Living Art for hosting. The show wraps up Aug. 6 so get down to Fort Lauderdale’s FAT Village now! For tickets or more information, visit