Openly gay Miami native, Eddie Morales, has been cast in the role of Abe in the Maltz-Jupiter production of the Ayad Akhtar’s Pulitzer Prize winning play, “Disgraced” which plays at the theatre from February 16 to 26. Call (561) 575-2223 or visit for tickets or information.

The five-member cast explores issues of racism, sexism, cultural mores and personal relationships.  Abe is a catalyst, first as a closeted South Asian who has changed his name and attire to appear more American and hip and later in more conservative attire after a racial confrontation with a Caucasian woman.

“I know exactly how Abe feels,” said Morales during an interview.  ‘I didn’t come out as gay until I was 18 and spent a lot of time pretending to be straight.”

“It’s about your personal identity and how much of yourself is influenced by people around you and how much you have to hide,” he continued. “My family is very Catholic so I had to conform to their religious expectations also.”

“Abe is an outsider in America so he dresses to better fit in.  Gay people are still outsiders in our society so we still have to conform to society’s expectations as well,” he said.

Morales came out to his family six years ago and said that they just don’t discuss the issue as if it’s not there.  But he’s encouraged that things are changing.

“More individuals are able to be more open about their personal identities,” he said. But he agreed that there is still a clash of ideologies playing out in America today and there’s still a lot of work to be done.

When asked about his anti-ethnic experiences as a Hispanic, he laughed and said, “Miami is Hispanic.  We’re the majority down here so we don’t feel that prejudice.

Morales has a bachelor’s degree in musical theater from New World School of the Arts and has performed in and around the South Florida theatre community. Some of his favorite credits include, “Aida,” “Curtains,” and “Gypsy.” He was last seen at Broward Stage Door in their recent production of Sweet Charity.  He’s currently single and resides in Miami but is eager to pursue a career in New York City.

The first stage play by novelist and screenwriter Ayad Akhtar, “Disgraced” opened on Broadway in 2014, earning a Tony® nomination and becoming one of the most-produced plays across the nation in 2016. The New York Times dubbed the play “terrific and turbulent,” the Huffington Post called it “a dramatic triumph” and NBC TV raved that the play is “one of the season’s most engaging nights of theater.”

“’Disgraced’ is a riveting, intelligent and turbulent evening of theatre,” said Andrew Kato, the Theatre’s producing artistic director and chief executive. “We are so honored to produce this thought-provoking and inspiring new play on the Maltz Jupiter Theatre’s stage.”