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Wilton Manors Commissioners appointed five members to the city’s Parks & Recreation Advisory Board on Tuesday night.

José Cedeno, Patrick Harris, Lisa Theisen, Dion Westerman and Janet Yuen were selected by commissioners to serve on the volunteer board.

The Parks & Recreation Advisory Board makes recommendations on the acquisition, development and maintenance of parks, parkways and playgrounds. Wilton Manors has six parks, five-pocket parks, a boat ramp, boat launch and the waterways of the Middle River in its parks’ inventory.

Commissioner Chris Caputo said the new board reflects the city’s vibrant diversity.

“Each member brings unique value to the board,” said Caputo. “The important thing now is to identify needs and evaluate what to do with our parks.”

Yuen and Westerman received the most votes by the commission.

Westerman, a senior probation officer with the Florida Department of Corrections, said he wanted to join the board to develop programs such as sports leagues and summer camps to deter young offenders from further engaging in criminal activity.

Yuen brings an array of event management and communications experience having developed strategies and programs for the Humane Society of Broward County, Lupus Foundation of America and National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

“My agenda is to meet new people and engage them to participate in our local parks and facilities,” said Yuen, who has lived in the city for three years. “Diversity enhances brainstorming and encourages representation of all voices. It’s healthy to bring different viewpoints together — working towards a common goal.”

Board members are appointed to two-year terms. There are seven board members with a staff liaison. The city received 12 applicants for five positions. John Fiore, former mayor and chair of the board, was not re-appointed. Fiore had served on the board since 2004.

“Having that many very good, qualified people was great for the city,” said Mayor Scott Newton. “It just shows the love and care for this city.”

Vice Mayor Paul Rolli added, "I am pleased to welcome all new members to city boards. These individuals bring a variety of perspectives that will assist the city to move forward in a comprehensive and inclusive direction. These appointments are yet another part of the winds of change."

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