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The elections for the Island City have started! Check out our coverage below.

Wilton Manors Candidates Campaign to Keep Life Better

Wilton Manors prides itself on life being better here and three commission candidates are campaigning to ensure that’s the case. 

The top two vote-getters will take their position on the commission. All three candidates are gay men.

Wilton Manors Mayor's Race Presents Stark Contrast from Familiar Faces

This is Mayor Scott Newton’s second administration as mayor, having held the position from 2004 to 2008. Born and raised in the Island City, Newton, 65, won a hard-fought three-way race for mayor in 2020 and is seeking re-election on a pitch of leading a cohesive commission towards long-term goals.

Newton faces challenger Boyd Corbin, 54, who is making his fourth run for mayor. An outspoken critic of both Wilton Manors and Fort Lauderdale governance, Corbin’s focus flows from the tap.

Q&A With Wilton Manors Mayor Scott Newton

Why have you decided to run for re-election?

The decision to run for mayor is to continue the work our commission and I, along with the city manager, have done to move our city into the future. To have financial stability. To update our current parks and to complete our infrastructure.

Q&A With Boyd Corbin - Candidate for Wilton Manors Mayor

Why have you decided to run for mayor?

I’m running for Mayor of Wilton Manors to fix the drinking water, stormwater, sewer discharge and police problems in our city. Annual city spending has increased by several million dollars over the past few years and our water bills are being padded to pay for it.  The city commission has always said there is nothing we can do about our green/yellow/tan city drinking water since we buy it from Fort Lauderdale. I disagree and I’ve been working on the quality of our tap water for the past four years. I’ve been talking about our outrageous water bills for eight years.

Q&A With Roy David Walker - Candidate for Wilton Manors City Commission

Why have you decided to run for commissioner?

I believe in public services and have committed many hours to helping the communities and the environment. I have even received the Presidential Volunteer Service Award from President

Obama in 2015. Public service is very important to me and having lived in Wilton Manors for over 12 years, I decided the best way to improve the city and help the community is to be part of the process. That is why I am running for Wilton Manors Commissioner. I am looking to help the city grow in a sustainable way, but keeping the small town feel.

Q&A With Don D'Arminio - Candidate for Wilton Manors City Commission

Why have you decided to run for mayor/commissioner?

Since moving to Wilton Manors from the east coast nearly 15 years ago, I immediately felt a connection, a sense of belonging … an instant affinity with the Island City. The people were (and still are) very friendly, genuine and welcoming; this led Marc and I to quickly become active in numerous organizations and we encountered many causes that we were drawn to.

Q&A with Paul Rolli - Candidate for Wilton Manors City Commission

Why have you decided to run for commissioner?

I am seeking a second term as city commissioner to ensure the initiatives in process are brought to fruition and to keep the momentum of the commission moving forward. This commission accomplished so much because it is a focused and cohesive team.

Wilton Manors Mayor Announces Bid for New Term

Wilton Manors Mayor Scott Newton believes there is plenty of work to be done in the city, and is asking voters for a new term. He made the announcement on Facebook on Dec. 9.

Wilton Manors Vice Mayor Discusses Re-Election Bid

Wilton Manors is electing a mayor and city commissioners. Commissioner Paul Rolli recently announced his re-election campaign and now is talking with the Gazette about his plans for a new term.

Candidates Host Forum to Talk About Future of Wilton Manors

On Aug. 1, candidates for city commission and mayor met at Hagen Park Community Center for a Meet the Candidates forum. Incumbent commissioner (and Vice-Mayor) Paul Rolli, Roy David Walker, and Don D’Arminio are vying for two seats. Mayor Scott Newton is running for re-election against Boyd Corbin. Corbin was invited but did not attend.

Topics ranged from skyrocketing housing prices, making the city as diverse as it claims to be, and their vision for developing the oft-neglected westside.

Wilton Manors Candidates to Face Off August 1

From sewage backups to development, Wilton Manors is facing many challenges.

To confront these issues, voters will elect two city commissioners and a mayor. On Monday, August 1, candidates will appear at a Meet the Candidates forum.

The forum is 6:30 p.m. at Hagen Park Community Center. Attendance is free but donations will be accepted for The SMART Ride 19. You can register for a ticket at

Roy David Walker Announces Candidacy for Commission

Roy David Walker, an environmentalist and proponent of sustainable development, has announced his intentions to seek a seat on the Wilton Manors Commission.

Gary Resnick Not Seeking Re-Election

After decades of service to the citizens of Wilton Manors, City Commissioner Gary Resnick has decided to step back at the end of his term.

Don D'Arminio Announces Candidacy for Commission

Don D’Arminio, a member of the Wilton Manors Planning & Zoning Board, has filed the necessary paperwork to campaign for city commission.


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