Rolling through a stop sign, going a touch above the posted speed limit, taking a shortcut only you know about.

Turns out that a thousand other people know that shortcut and are also rolling through stop signs and hitting the gas. Now Wilton Manors is telling drivers to calm down.

During the city commission meeting on Jan. 10, consulting firm Kimley-Horn and Associates presented their findings from a study of traffic patterns on the city’s west side. The area covered is Middle River to the south and west, Andrews Avenue to the north, and Powerline Road to the east. The firm was hired to identify problem areas and suggest "traffic calming" solutions.

The firm said they first analyzed 140 comments from 90 residents and eventually identified thirty spots to investigate. Criteria included speeding issues (going at least six miles above the speed limit), the volume of traffic (at least one-thousand vehicles a day), how many cars cut through an area as a shortcut, and traffic impact on livability.

Proposed solutions include speed tables, which are like speed humps but wide enough so all four tires can be on it at once. Speed tables are also preferred by first responders. Speed tables are the same but encompass an entire intersection. Textured pavement, which is a scaled-down version of the rumble strips on the breakdown lanes of interstates, is on the table, as are flashing stop signs and neighborhood gateway signs.

It was pointed out that some areas, such as curves, can’t have calming measures, as they would potentially distract drivers more than necessary. Lowering speed limits is a possibility but requires the action of the road’s governing authority (city, county, state, or federal), and not independent contractors.

The next step is community meetings and workshops. Dates and times haven’t been scheduled.

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