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The newest art installation in Wilton Manors is drawing lots of attention, and not all of it is good.

“Thunderbunny,” the Hunt Slonem masterpiece recently unveiled in Flippen Park, was targeted for vandalism.

Around 11 a.m. Sunday, someone appears to have intentionally run their car into the city’s newest landmark. Wilton Manors Police Department (WMPD) say they quickly caught the suspect, who later confessed to another recent vandalism in the area.

Derek Modrok is the suspect they say confessed to the bunny vandalism as well as a sign in Flippen Park, plus attacking the Popsicle installation at Richardson Park a couple of days earlier. In all, Modrok faces three charges of criminal mischief. It appears he has been released on bond from the Broward County jail.

Investigators don’t believe the motives are hate-driven. WMPD says Modrok believed the late mayor, Justin Flippen, is responsible for “the birds that we hear.”