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All three ballot referendums passed in Wilton Manors with little fanfare.

“The voting results on the three city referendums demonstrate the residents strongly agree with them,” said Commissioner Paul Rolli. “The question on terms limits passed with an 83% approval rate.”

Indeed, Question 3 garnered the largest amount of support from voters with 4,400 yes votes to 900 no votes. Data from the Broward Supervisor of Elections show more people voted on Question 3 than in the mayor’s race. The measure caps terms for elected officials at 12 years – six two-year terms for mayors and three four-year terms for commissioners. 

Question 1 collected the next highest support at 76% with 3,743 yes votes to 1,204 no votes. This measure gives tax-collecting authority to the city clerk and eliminates the Civil Service Board. Ex-Charter Review Board chairman Michael Rajner had expressed concern that eliminating the six-member board could leave non-union employees with no recourse for grievances. Rolli disagreed.

“City employees like all other employees have the right to take their case to the judicial system,” Rolli said.

Question 2, which expedites the process of filling vacancies on the commission in the event of a death, resignation or removal from office, passed with 66% support – 3,237 yes votes to 1,644 no votes. The charter referendum also deleted a provision about forfeiture of office in the event a mayor or commissioner is found in violation of the code of conduct or code of ethics.

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Three Referendums On Wilton Manors Ballot