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Attempts to consolidate Wilton Manors into one zip code have been returned to the sender.

In 2017 commissioners unanimously passed a resolution to petition the United States Postal Service to combine the city’s four zip codes into one. Brought forward by the Westside Association of Wilton Manors, the petition sought to designate 33305 as the city’s one and only zip code.

The Postal Service, however, denied the request, said City Manager Leigh Ann Henderson.

“They were unable to identify any operational need, substantial savings or service improvement,” Henderson said.

At the time of the petition, Commissioner Gary Resnick was serving as mayor. Resnick cited the higher cost of car insurance on the westside as a reason for consolidation. 

In 2018, Henderson said the city enlisted the assistance of Congressman Ted Deutch’s office to appeal the Postal Service’s decision. 

Another denial was issued leaving Wilton Manors with four zip codes (33305, 33306, 33311, 33334) and no brick and mortar location for its estimated population of 12,756. 

Henderson said another appeal is unlikely.

“The response from the USPS to the city’s appeal indicated that it was the final decision,” Henderson said. “It cited the cost of implementing the zip code change, the lack of office space in the existing USPS offices to accommodate the change, and the fact there is no operational benefit to the local Post Office as deciding factors.”

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