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Continuity and cooperation were the themes of the day when Paul Rolli, Wilton Manors city commissioner and vice mayor, announced his re-election campaign.

On Feb. 6, supporters of Rolli gathered at Richardson Park to hear him lay out his plans for a new term.

“I love and believe in Wilton Manors. My only agenda is to work for the people of Wilton Manors,” Rolli said.

He laid out accomplishments, including the updating of regulations and zoning rules that were up to 60 years old and touted that, despite the financial body blow from the pandemic, the city hasn’t dipped into its reserves.

Part of the strategy is a five-year plan that includes finding a developer and tenant for a boutique hotel, addressing sea level and climate change challenges, and traffic issues. He has also met with the city’s chief of police to address speeding issues in parts of the city, and says officers will soon be wearing body cameras for better transparency from police and citizens.

Rolli also laid out a vision for Wilton Manors that will extend well beyond his tenure and those of anyone serving in the city today. A 20-30-year master plan deals with city infrastructure updates including the water and sewage system. He says $4M has already been spent.

Much of his agenda mirrors that of Mayor Scott Newton, who is also running for another term. Newton was in attendance and gave a full endorsement of Rolli’s campaign. He was joined by Wilton City Commissioners Mike Bracchi and Chris Caputo.

Also joining Rolli was Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis, as well as elected officials from surrounding cities including Oakland Park. The message was clear: continuity at home and cooperation with neighbors is key for everyone’s success.

The election is scheduled for November 8, 2022, with early voting running from Oct. 24 through Nov. 6.

SFGN will be sitting down with Paul Rolli soon for a more detailed look into his plans for a new term.

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