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When Luis Arteaga walked into Calusa Coffee Roasters on the morning of March 15, the first sign that something wasn’t quite right was a missing laptop.

Then, he saw that the video cameras were unplugged from the wall.

“At that point I realized something was wrong,” said Arteaga, the co-owner of the Oakland Park coffee shop. “I checked the till and the cash was missing from there.”

Also missing was his personal laptop and some alcohol. He plugged the cameras back in and witnessed the man who broke into the shop that morning at 2:45 a.m. before he unplugged the security system. Arteaga called the police and the Broward Sheriff’s Office was on the scene.

Between the electronics and cash from the register, Arteaga lost about $3,000. But luckily the community came through for Calusa — one customer overheard that they would have a hard time roasting without the shop’s laptop, and he gifted the shop with one of his own the next day. They also received donations.

“It only took us a few days to get us back roasting then about four more days to catch up with the roasting schedule,” Arteaga said. “It put us back a couple of days, a week.”

Based on the video, law enforcement believes the man is 5’9’’ and possibly has a tattoo on his right wrist. They also think he may have broken in by using a broomstick to open the latch on the window and climb in by stepping on a chair. The same man allegedly burglarized another business in the area, but was unable to take anything.

“If anyone recognizes the guy, contact BSO and let them know,” Arteaga said. “He could very easily do this to a home while someone is in the house and who knows what would happen then. It’s a very dangerous situation.”

Anyone with information on this case should contact BSO Oakland Park Det. Thomas Arce at 954-202-3115. Or, if you wish to remain anonymous, contact Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS (8477) or at