Peter Avsenew has been found guilty in the 2010 murders of a Wilton Manors couple — again.

After five weeks of trial, the jurors spent five hours over two days finding him guilty of murdering Steve Adams and Kevin Powell on June 10, according to NBC 6.

“These verdicts are justice served for victims Stephen Adams and Kevin Powell, their families, and our community,” Wilton Manors Police Chief Gary Blocker said in a statement to SFGN.  “We thank our investigators and law enforcement partners for their passion and commitment exhibited in this case, and we commend the Broward State Attorney’s Office prosecution team for their efforts to ensure justice was served.”

The case was taken to trial a second time when a key witness in the case, Avsenew’s mother, Jeanne, had to testify virtually as she was undergoing cancer treatments. The Florida Supreme Court said it was not fair to Avsenew since he could not face his accuser in court and in January 2022, it was announced he would be granted a new trial. She died of cancer in April 2022.

Adams and Powell, who had been together for 29 years, were shot and bludgeoned to death in December 2010. Marci Craig, the sister of Adams, told SFGN back in 2013 that she was at the airport in Ohio to pick them up for a visit, but they never showed up. She called the Wilton Manors Police Department when no one answered their home phone, leading to the discovery of their bodies.

Peter was a new roommate to the couple weeks before. His attorney stated that they did not kill Adams and Powell, but discovered their bodies and then stole their credit cards and car.

During the first trial in 2017, Jeanne testified that days after the couple was killed, Peter came to her house driving their car and admitted he stole it. He also allegedly told her he got rid of his gun and that “he had done something violent, something that was the worst thing he had ever done, and that he could not get out of it if he was caught,” according to court records.

She also testified that her son said he had not slept in three days, had a bruise from fighting, and that “he got rid of the smell of bleach after taking a shower.”

Peter drew attention when he hand-wrote a letter to Broward Circuit Judge Ilona Holmes, gloating that, “it is my duty as a white man to cull the weak and timid from existence … homosexuals are a disease to mankind and must be put down. I can’t put into words the feeling of ending a life it’s euphoric at the least.”

In the letter Peter also implied it’s not the first time he may have killed someone writing, “these weren’t the first and won’t be the last,” and “if you only knew how many there really are you would faint.”

His lawyer claimed that Peter had experienced trauma from the death of his sister at a young age and sexual abuse. He seemed to address his attorney’s claims in the letter, writing, “nothing traumatic made me the way I am. I’ve been like this for as long as I can remember.”

In May, a judge decided that the letter would not be presented in court during the second trial.

“This would cause the jurors to convict the defendant, not because the state proved their case but because the defendant is a bad person,” Judge Martin Fein said, according to NBC 6.

Still, the 12 members of the jury still found Peter guilty of the murders. His sentencing is scheduled for August.