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The revolution of digital technology over the past 15 years has given us music that doesn’t degrade from the moment it’s recorded to when it’s played, no matter how many times you listen.

It is perfectly sound.

Maybe too perfect.

Now old school technology is making a comeback. Eagle Wilton Manors is hosting 100 Percent Vinyl Night on the first and third Thursdays of the month. There’s a certain something that vinyl sound brings. Perfect imperfections, perhaps?

Spinning the tunes is veteran DJ John Bata.

“100 Percent Vinyl is a first of its kind dance party in Wilton Manors that tries to recapture the energy and vibe of famous parties in the late ‘80s, ‘90s, and 2000s in NYC, Chicago, Miami and the U.K. when DJs spun exclusively with vinyl records before digital music was a thing,” he said when announcing the event.

While vinyl may be a sentimental and retro format, Bata said these parties aren’t retro nights.

“100 Percent Vinyl is not a ‘retro’ party, but something meant to be a time machine back in time when house music was still forming and growing hadn’t reached world domination and mass appeal and was truly underground.”

Bata said much of the music played features remixes, rare white labels and originals by world-famous DJs Junior Vasquez, Danny Tenaglia, Frankie Knuckles, Peter Rauhofer, David Morales and other kings of gay nightlife at that time. There will also be forgotten classics of that era. Many of the tracks are not available for download or online, meaning this is one of, if not the only, places you’ll hear these tracks.

A DJ for 30 years, Bata started out spinning vinyl in the best clubs in Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and New York City. That was the era of house, techno, trance, and progressive. Now he’s bringing his skills, and his records, to Eagle. And if you want two-for-one drinks, wear a harness. Because it doesn’t matter if you’re celebrating the ‘80s, ‘90s, or beyond, a good harness and cheap drinks are always fashionable.

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