When you think of a wreath you likely think of green branches with some holly berries sticking out through a festive ribbon.

Nice, but not memorable. But the wreaths at Pub On the Drive are next level.

Their Annual Holiday Wreath Auction brings out the most creative and passionate holiday decorators. People pick a theme and go to town.

“There have been dozens and dozens of gorgeous wreaths donated each year,” the Pub’s Tim Barton shared with SFGN. “One of the wreaths most dear to our hearts was one that Pompano Bill Calcaterra donated a couple of years before he passed away. It was a beautiful large-sized wreath with gorgeous ribbons and bows. The main color scheme was Chartreuse thus we dubbed it ‘A Chartreuse Christmas.’”

This year’s auction is Thursday, Dec. 1, at 8 p.m. Wreaths are already being dropped off and will be on display in the days leading up to the auction. Over the years, the wreaths have raised about $24,000 for KIDS In Distress. Barton hopes to surpass last year’s total of $6,000.

Legendary diva Electra will be hosting the party, as she has every year.

“Electra will perform an opening Holiday number to kick off the festivities. Then one by one, each of the wreaths will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. There will be a couple of entertainment breaks between sets to keep the energy level fun and festive.”

Electra will open the night with a festive holiday number and undoubtedly use attitude and guilt to drive people to keep raising their bids.

The Pub is always holding some show or fundraiser, but the Wreath auction is Barton’s favorite event of the year.

“Within the staff of The Pub, there are several of our employees who try to create the best wreath which will bring in the most money for the charity. And each year there are many businesses and individuals within the community who graciously donate to the cause!”

For more on the Wreath Auction and other events at Pub On the Drive, visit ThePubWM.com.