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Wilton Manors is opening its commission meetings to the general public again.

Details of future “hybrid” meetings were discussed during this week’s regularly scheduled city commission meeting. City Clerk Faith Lombardo explained the COVID-19 protocols which limit meetings to 19 people in the commission chamber, per CDC guidelines.

Attendees are required to wear masks and maintain social distance, Lombardo said. Entrance will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis and attendees may be required to submit to temperature checks.

A podium will be placed near the dias for public comments. There will be an outside overflow area with seating for 20 people who can watch the proceedings via Zoom on a television. 

On the dais are seats for the five-elected commissioners, city manager, city attorney and city clerk. 

Commissioner Gary Resnick objected to the number of people seated on the dais, calling into question social distancing guidelines. 

“We have plexiglass dividers between every seat,” Lombardo said before Resnick interrupted.

“It's an airborne virus, Faith, that’s not a CDC guideline,” he said.

Mayor Scott Newton said everyone on the dais will be masked and has been vaccinated. He referenced President Joe Biden’s recent remarks that fully vaccinated people can gather together and not have to wear masks.

“Outside,” Resnick countered.

“Gary, if you don’t want to be here then don’t be here that’s totally up to you,” Newton responded. “I’m going by the news, Broward County and the president of the United States.”

Resnick did not indicate if he would attend the meeting in person. Since the onset of the pandemic he has attended all meetings virtually. 

Commission meetings will remain available virtually via Zoom, Lombardo said. The hybrid commission meeting is scheduled for May 11 at 7 p.m.

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