In an emailed statement to The Gazette, Boyd Corbin said he’s running for mayor to get rid of “mismanagement and corruption” by city officials. “Residents are sick of being lied to by the city commission. They are stealing millions from our water bills. They say your water is not green and the tests run on it are just fine. We currently have five times the EPA maximum level for chloroform which is bad for your liver, kidneys and brain. It can give you cancer and is absorbed through your skin. Three other contaminant levels are too high.”

He also talked about other issues.

“The Wilton Drive lane elimination project will cost millions more than the grant plus another half million each year for maintenance after it’s done since FDOT won’t be footing the bill anymore. We need a parking garage.” Asked about FDOT’s plans for Wilton Drive, a spokesperson said the organization will continue to maintain the road at its own expense.

Corbin continued, “The planning and zoning board is run by an ex-con [major drug trafficking]. Businesses are suffering with additional fees, no parking garage and code enforcement Nazis. We pay a company a half million each year to read the parking meters the city paid for! 6 percent annual city employee raises. The money will soon run out. Enough is enough. I’m here to stop the lies and corruption.”

The ex-con Corbin referred to is business owner Nick Berry. Berry is also a member of multiple city boards. His past was profiled by SFGN in a previous issue.

In addition to the water issue, Corbin has also accused the Wilton Manors Police Department of harassment and called for Chief Paul O’Connell to be fired. Corbin’s campaign against the police chief started because he believes he was unfairly targeted by police over a 2012 incident between him and celebrity impersonator Michael L. Walters. Corbin was wearing a KKK outfit [as a joke, he said] on Halloween and carrying a tiki torch. In the video, Walters can be seen grabbing Corbin’s torch, struggling, and lunging at him. Corbin was charged in the incident but eventually cleared of the charges.