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There’s nothing as magnetic as the pull of an electric screen — most of us have probably had days where we sit on our phones or in front of the TV longer than we should.

The good news is that despite minimal funding, libraries have been able to keep up with us.

The Wilton Manors Library makes many of its resources available with a few clicks of a button. From book clubs and fairs to providing help during tax season, the library has a little bit of everything for residents.

For those who want to get back into reading, the library provides digital book clubs for various genres and ages.

“Book clubs in general foster a sense of community,” Mike Hesson, interim director of the Richard C. Sullivan Library, said. “[It] enhances the benefits of reading for all readers. For our younger readers, it engages students and enables our young readers to have a deeper understanding of what they read. In addition, it is important for readers to learn other people’s perspectives of the books they are reading.”

There’s another digital book club that will allow you to download books to your reading devices like Kindles, Nooks, and iPads. It also provides digital discussion boards so you can have an open discussion with others who are reading the book with you.

There are plenty of e-books, magazines, and even language courses available for free online. They even have a delivery service for Wilton Manors residents.

“Contrary to popular belief, Google has not made libraries obsolete,” Hesson said. “Our website provides a ton of information about what we can do for people, and we’re always happy to assist patrons by phone or in person.”

The digital catalog makes it easy to look at what’s trending on Amazon and which books are on the New York Times bestseller list.

If you’re overwhelmed by the tax season (the deadline is April 18 for most people), the library can help with that too. The Broward County library system gives free tax assistance to people who make $66,000 or less per year.

You can thank Rick Sterling, the former Wilton Manors library director, for most of these modern resources. Sterling was the director for 17 years before he died in December.

“Rick expanded the library to three times its original size since becoming library director in 2004,” said Patrick Cann, the director of Leisure Services. “He is remembered for being a strong advocate of the Friends of the Wilton Manors Library, and for his continual fight to secure and maintain the library’s funding. Thanks to his dedication and expansion of the library, services were expanded for both children and adults.”

The Friends of the Wilton Manors Library hosts a monthly book fair that raises funds to keep the library on its legs.

“Monetary donations for used books, videos, and music CDs received at these events are an important source of revenue, which enables the Friends of the Library to underwrite the cost of children’s and adult programming,” Hesson said.

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