This is the last issue of SFGN before election day. By this time next week, we’ll have a good idea of how much support the LGBT community will have in elected offices for the next two years.

But for now, candidates are crisscrossing the state looking for votes.

Adam Hattersley is the Democrat running for CFO. The job isn’t headline-grabbing or high-profile like a governor or senator. But the office affects everyone who lives and works in Florida. From budgetary oversight to home insurance, the CFO and their staff are in charge.

“If people knew the effects these offices have on their day-to-day lives, there’s no way they’d vote in a single incumbent back to Tallahassee,” Hattersley said during a visit to the Get Out The Vote Center in Wilton Manors.

He is a former state Representative who served in the Navy and says his campaign is common sense that cuts across party lines. “I’ve been focusing on an economic message. The state’s property insurance crisis is costing everybody money. The message is resonating everywhere we go. Not just Democrats but Republicans and independents.”

He believes there is plenty of bipartisanship that doesn’t make the news and there are lots of consensuses. “In my two years in the legislature, 89% of the bills we passed were either unanimous or nearly unanimous. It’s only that 11% that was contentious.”

Republicans have long considered themselves conservative. Hattersley says the record shows that’s no longer the case. “Republicans added a $1 billion online sales tax last year. That’s not very conservative, raising taxes. They’ve been preempting local powers to the state, getting away from local and home rule. That’s not very conservative. They’ve been inserting their ideologies and the government into how small businesses run themselves. That’s not very conservative.”

Social issues, like Don’t Say Gay and trans rights dominate the debate. Hattersley says what’s not debatable is that Floridians are facing massive economic challenges. “One thing that is not polarizing is your bank account. The numbers show it, Florida’s become the least affordable state in the country. The average property insurance premium in Florida has doubled in the past three years.”

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