"Youthful Daze": Popular Web Soap Introduces Gay Love Triangle and Cast Members From "Days of Our Lives"

Bryan James plays many roles off screen, but on set of the web series "Youthful Daze.” He's the creator, star, writer and one of the executive producers. The enthusiastic young man is in love with the creation, and his positive energy is infectious, pulling people into the deliciously naughty world he's created.

Buzz surrounds "Youthful Daze” as the series' newly introduced gay love triangle gets underway. Two performers from the iconic daytime soap "Days of Our Lives" have signed on; Jen Lilley ("Days'" Theresa) and Jade Harlow (Sheryl) will be seen throughout the entire third season of “Youthful Daze.” Harlow is also fondly remembered for her three-year stint as Jessica on the Dark Shadows/Bewitched hybrid soap "Passions.”

As the third season gets underway, Bryan James speaks to SFGN about his gem.

SFGN: Can you describe the premise of "Youthful Daze"?

James: It's "Beverly Hills 90210" meets "Cruel Intentions.” It's about rich, rich, rich kids in Southern California who have too much money but no morals. "90210" was where it was at for me during the 90s. I build the characters so you'll end up caring about them.

You care about their interpersonal relationships, which includes storylines about blindness, abortion and now a gay love triangle. I'm treating the gay storyline as though it were a straight storyline. Johnny, Oliver and Drew are gay; I'm committed to that.

SFGN: What moves you to support gay rights and present gay storylines as a straight person?

James: I'm very liberal. It's so sad to me that kids are killing themselves over who they are. The entertainment industry can change that.

SFGN: Can you describe your story writing process?

James: I'm finding issues that teens deal with and finding the balls to do it. I'm an actor and an artist. Let's find the truth in each scene.

SFGN: What moved you to pursue acting and the entertainment industry?

James: We moved around a lot when I was a child. When you move around you don't get to build relationships. I wouldn't be here talking to you if I hadn't needed to find a way to connect. I found my outlet through TV & film.

SFGN: Are you able to pursue other roles/projects while you work on this series?

James: "Youthful Daze" is my full-time job. I'm self-financing this. I've taken out three loans so far, and I believe there is potential to make money from the show. I've made a small amount of money from Bullet TV and Webisodes Network. It's becoming like a real soap opera. Season two had twenty-two episodes; season three will offer forty-two episodes, I think we're the first web series to produce so many episodes. Season three episodes will run concurrent with holidays, so we'll release a Christmas episode at Christmas time.

SFGN: Anything else you'd like to say about Youthful Daze?

James: If this was the End of Days [rapture], what would the last generation of teens be like?

More info about Youthful Daze, and complete episodes, can be found at: http://www.youthfuldaze.com

The gay love triangle commences with the season two episode "Pretty Little Liars.”

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