Actor Sean Hayes will premiere on April 3 in “Lazy Susan,” a film the Actor co-wrote and will star in opposite the legendary Allison Janney.  

Hayes portrays the title character Susan, who is a frumpy, bumbling, unmotivated cis gendered middle-aged woman who decides to turn her life around after decades of shrugging off professional and personal pursuits. The film is described as A slice-of-life comedy about a woman on the edge with nowhere to go but over, ‘Lazy Susan’ is a story about a spectacularly unmotivated cisgender woman for whom doing nothing is exhausting.” 

Hayes, who is an out Actor and known for playing the over the top character Jack on NBCs Will & Grace (which will wrap up its revival this winter) has been featured in animated films, but this will be his first major role portraying a person of a different gender.