Wendy Walks It Back

Wendy Williams. Photo via Facebook.

Dr. Amie Harwick, the former fiancée of Actor Drew Carey was brutally murdered recently in her Los Angeles home and her brother is now demanding an apology from television host Wendy Williams following a segment on show where the “how you doin’” host mocked the death of Dr. Amie Harwick.  

Williams, 54, brought up Amie’s death saying, She was killed, not be Drew, but by the ex” she then used the Price is Right” catchphrase, Come on down,” before turning her head as though to follow someone falling out of a building. 

The crowd fell noticeably silent before Williams awkwardly moved on. Williams has since apologized, continuing her apology tour following her apology to the LGBT community for a tone deaf homophobic and transphobic tirade during a segment for Galentine’s day.” This LGBT blunder came on the heels of William’s apology for insulting Actor Joaquin Phoenix for his cleft lip. 


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