Watch: Children’s Cartoon Main Character Has Lesbian Crush

Photo: YouTube Still.

The children’s show that featured two gay dads has shown more LGBT-inclusion — this time with a lead female.

Nickelodeon’s ‘The Loud House’ is a cartoon television series about a boy and his large 11-child family. In a recent episode, one of the sisters, Luna Loud, was revealed to have a crush on a girl.

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In the scene, Luna sneaks a love note into a mysterious locker, then runs away. A group of two girls and a boy walk up to the locker and one of the girls, Sam, stops and waves her friends goodbye. She sees the letter fall to her feet, picks it up and reads it. Then, she smiles. Luna, peeking over the corner of the hallway, sees Sam’s reaction and smiles back.

This is one of the youngest animated depictions known of romantic feelings between people of the same sex on a children’s cartoon. Shows that present LGBT characters typically portray them as background or side characters.

In the past, The Loud House featured the gay dads of the main character’s best friend. They have so far appeared in four episodes of the two-season show.

Watch the clip below.