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In a recent episode of "Grown-ish," bisexual character Nomi tackled a person’s misconceptions about her sexuality.

A lesbian character took Nomi out on a date in the episode “Starboy,” and she was offered a drink by a male character, according to NewNowNext. After rejecting the drink and later revealing she was bisexual, the lesbian character downplayed Nomi’s sexuality to a “phase.”

“Wait, did you just say 'phase?’” Nomi said. “She just said 'phase,’ you guys. I heard it!” As her date storms off, Nomi yells across the crowded bar, “You know, it’s LG-B-T-Q. Respect the letter, bitch!”

According to a study from adult toy company Adam and Eve, 47 percent of Americans would not date a bisexual person of any gender. On the other side, 35 percent said they would date a bisexual person.