TLC is going to ring in the New Year with a new special called "My Husband's Not Gay" -- a reality program that follows a group of Mormon men who are all in relationships with women but are attracted to men, US magazine reports.

The program, which will air in January, will center around four men who live in Salt Lake City, Utah (duh). Three of the men are married to women, while one is dating a woman.

In the preview for "My Husband's Not Gay," the men say that even though they've got the hots for dudes, they're still attracted to their wives and do not identify as gay.

"I like to say I've chosen an alternative to an alternative lifestyle," one of the men said in the TLC clip.

"There is no marriage that is perfect -- ours isn't -- but, with our faith in God, we believe we can overcome anything," another man adds.

"I'm attracted to my wife, for sure, and I'm definitely attracted to men too," a third man says.

"I'm interested in men, I'm just not interested in men," another said.

Nevertheless, one of the men says, "the whole act is against the teachings of the gospel."

Even though the guys are into men, some of their female partners don't like it when others put a label on their man!

"I get a little defensive when somebody calls my husband gay," a woman in the clip says.

"My Husband is Not Gay" is scheduled to air on TLC on Jan. 11 at 10 p.m.

Watch the trailer below: