Tired of The Real Housewives Re-Runs? Web Series Offer Original Entertainment

'Where the Bears Are'

Except for the Olympics, the programming is pretty thin on TV these days. Mad Men is but a memory and even all the Real Housewives have run their course. So, if more reruns of The Big Bang Theory won’t cut it anymore, you might consider turning to web for some original entertainment. There are some fun web series from aspiring filmmakers that have got the Internet buzzing and will appeal to that certain homosexual sensibility we share.

Dumbass Filmmakers is a web series about just that, the kind of people who are all heart and no brain, dedicated to their art and the desire to “inspire others to save the environment, protest injustice and embrace bisexuality.” It’s some pretty crazy stuff, but despite the antics, some of the cast are just plain hot. Best part: You don’t have to pay by the minute to get your kicks. Find out more on YouTube or go to DumbassFilmmakers.com.

This one is perfect for Fort Lauderdale audiences: Where the Bears Are. The fur will start to fly in this comedy murder crime series that is hitting the Internet airways on August 1. Of course, this romp, described as part Golden Girls meets Murder She Wrote, takes place in Silver Lake and will include 36 four-minute episodes. Three gay bear roommates work together to solve the murder of a party guest found dead in their bathroom. Check it out at WhereTheBearsAre.tv.

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