The Undesirable: Documentary chronicles dishonorable discharge

"The Undesirable" is a documentary currently in production focusing on the life and love of renowned interior designer Melvin Dwork. As a young man Dwork always knew he was gay and never thought anything of it, until he was undesirably discharged from the U.S. Navy’s Hospital Corps during WWII due to his homosexuality. Not having broken any of the military’s rules or regulations, Mel was under the impression the Navy opened his mail and discovered he was writing his lover Dale, who was also in the Hospital Corps but stationed in Louisiana.




In the end they were both “undesirably discharged” from the Navy, a badge of dishonor they have carried around with them for over 67 years.




The film is currently still in production and is accepting 100% tax-deductible donations towards the making of this film.




VisitTheUndesirable.comto learn more or make adonation.

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