The Real Housewives of Miami are Back, and More


Bravo hasn’t had much luck with Miami. First, there was the 2009 train wreck—and not in the reality television kind of good way—called Miami Social, a weekly snoozefest featuring an awkward collection of wannabes that gathered at the end of each episode for a recap on the roof of the Gansevoort hotel. (Try to say that fast after the fourteenth mojito!)

Then there was the Miami version of the Real Housewives franchise in which the breakout star was actually Elsa the witch—yes, you remember—mother of Marysol Patton. Now, she was the train wreck you expect, a former model who pushed the plastic surgery obsession one or two or 10 times too many and peppered the conversation with wacky witchy mumbo jumbo.

It appears Andy Cohen and the execs at the network have cast their lot on the Miami Housewives—or Elsa cast a spell on them! The series will return after the Olympics in September. PR exec Marysol (and mama), socialite Lea Black and flaky gallery owner Adriana de Moura return, but Cohen and company have beefed up the cast with FOUR new housewives: Lisa Hochtstein, wife of the so-called “Boob God,” plastic surgeon Lenny Hochstein; Former “Playboy” model and “Dancing with the Stars” hopeful Joanna Krupa; celebrity chef Ana Quincoces; and celebrity dentist Karent Sierra. Yes, the celebrity dentist should provide some toothy drama.

The season is scheduled to debut September 13. Check your local cable listings for broadcast times.

For Some Real Drama

Don’t miss Mad Cat’s latest extravaganza, The Hamlet Dog and Pony Show, an updated take on the Bard’s most famous work. Playwrights Paul Tei and Jessica Farr take a quirky, self-indulgent journey through Shakespeare’s original verses that will leave some audiences laughing and others scratching their heads, but that’s par for the course when it comes to Mad Cat. The show, presented at the Light Box at Goldman Warehouse, 404 NE 26th St. in Miami, closes this weekend. Tickets are $25-30 at

Speaking of ghost stories, another Miami company, Naked Stage has the critics buzzing with The Turn of the Screw, a psychological thriller now playing at the Pelican Theater on the campus of North Miami’s Barry University. Margaret Ledford expertly directs Katherine Amadeo and Matthew William Chizever in what has to be the most intimate performance space in South Florida. This production also closes August 12. Tickets are $25 at

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