Sprint Spokesperson Appears Alongside Husband in New Ad

Paul Marcarelli

Paul Marcarelli, the spokesperson for Sprint and ex-spokesperson for Verizon, just starred in a holiday ad alongside his husband Ryan.

“I am super proud to share this spot I shot with my husband Ryan for Sprint’s holiday promotion,” Marcarelli wrote in an email. “This is the first time I am aware that the face of a major American brand has appeared in a national commercial with his husband.” 

In the ad, Marcarelli is shopping for Christmas trees with two coffee cups in hand, and walks up to his husband asking about Christmas tree prices.

“Happy Holidays to you and your family,” a voice says at the end of the advertisement, as Marcarelli and his husband stand side-by-side with other families. 

“I’ve been lobbying to make this happen in some form for quite a while, and I think it represents progress for those of us that believe in equality, visibility, media representation and inclusion… especially right now,” Marcarelli wrote.

You can watch the new ad here

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