Soap Casts Trans Actor in Trans Role

Scott Turner Schofield, taken by Monty Brinton for CBS

"The Bold and the Beautiful" raised many eyebrows a few months back when it was revealed that gorgeous fashion model Maya Avant (Karla Mosley) was a transgender woman.

Though many in the trans community gave the storyline — and Mosley's portrayal — high marks for its honesty and sensitivity, some, including the actress herself, some had wanted to see a trans actress portray the role.

But transgender viewers would soon get their wish. The long running soap opera has just cast actor Scott Turner Schofield as Nick, an old friend and mentor to Maya. Nick is a trans man. So is Schofield.

"Nick is a good friend who shows up after not having heard from Maya for awhile," Schofield explained to SFGN. "He helps her see the truth about herself."

Schofield, who is currently airing on the show revealed that his character is recurring, and that he is not under contract.

"I hope there are enough episodes for people to see who Nick really is," he said. "That would really be something."

He would like Nick to be a fully developed character, complete with the shades of gray.

"Every trans person is a hero, but we are not perfect," he observed. "What are Nick's issues? What makes him tick?"

The actor hopes that Nick and Maya will open people's hearts.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" is seen around the world, including in the ultra-conservative Middle East.

"Violence against trans people is part of daily life," Schofield noted. "To get a dream acting job where they talk about trans lives so correctly, well, I couldn't be more thrilled. The storyline is causing viewers to think."

Schofield opened up about his coming out experience.

"I knew I was a boy when I was three," he recalled. "When I was 11 my best friend said that they didn't know what was going to happen to me if I didn't stop doing boy things."

It was when he met a trans man in his twenties that Turner realized there were others like him. His family, he says, is supportive.

"Once my family realized that I was showing my true authenticity, once they realized that I haven't changed, they were fine," he said.

He hopes that the visibility he and others trans celebrities are achieving will improve the lives of trans people everywhere. In addition to the escalating violence being perpetrated against trans women of color, transgender people face unemployment levels that are higher than 50 percent. Schofield is the first trans actor to be cast on a daytime drama.

"It's ridiculous that in 2015 I'm the first," he says. "Give us a job."

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS and weeknights on Pop TV.

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