Vivacious came to "RuPaul's Drag Race" direct from the New York City Club Kid scene, and was true to her New York City roots right up until Ru asked her to "sashay away.” SFGN sat down with Vivacious to chat about her club kid style, her favorite parts of the "Drag Race" experience, and her "fierce and gorgeous" plans to be heard on dance floors this summer!

How does it feel to be the latest queen voted off "RuPaul's Drag Race"?

You know what? I feel fine! To be honest, at first, I was mentally kicking myself, I could not believe I left so early. I really thought I was going to handle it worse mentally, but to be honest, it didn't worry me at all.

Where were you when your departure episode aired?

Well honey, I asked God to have me traveling and performing for the children, and he granted my wish. I was out in the universe and not worried about it at all. I was actually in Los Angeles doing shows when my elimination episode aired. Honestly, I am taking it as it goes. From what I am hearing, my departure is the biggest upset next to Latrice Royale going home (she finished fourth in Season 4). Many people don't think I should have gone home so early, but I was lucky and left in a costume of my own style, a true Club Kid!

I personally recall the era of the Club Kids, so I am very well aware of the styles of that generation. Do you feel that you represented the Club Kids accurately?

Of course I did! I was supposed to bring real costumes to "Drag Race,” but there was no way that I could, as most of my costumes are well over 30 feet long. I come from the house of Leigh Bowery based on my style, you know. I brought what I could of my style to the show, so yes, I absolutely did my job. I stayed true to my form, and while some may say it was "outdated,” that look is the look that gives you the right to be gay. As Club Kids, we walked as giants in straight society and did not blend in. We showed them art and loved it so much, the straight community became our biggest fans!

What were your favorite and least favorite parts of the "Drag Race" experience?

My least favorite part was being in my room alone and all quiet, you know, really thinking a lot. The most exciting part was meeting RuPaul, the fiercest queen who I have really modeled my whole life after. She has a beautiful aesthetic and career. She really is the physical template for how Vivacious is.

You've been in the game for a few years longer than some of your competitors. How do you respond to those that may say that being a "veteran" you may not be as much competition?

I've been in the game for 21 years. Many queens will come forward and say they are "fierce" and then go right back to Nebraska because they just can't handle and make it in New York City. Then they come to me and say, "Damn, you're still doing the drag thing?" Darling you would be surprised at how far drag can take you!

So many queens from past seasons want to leave the show and do a single or an album. Any aspirations to hit the recording studio?

I like that many of those queens want to do a single; honey, I have a four track EP that's coming out on iTunes very shortly. I did not come here to hit someone with one track and then walk away! I came with four tracks, and then after that, I'm doing another track every six weeks with a video. The EP is called "Pride" and it's geared towards the upcoming pride festivals all over. The track says things like "pride on the inside, pride on the outside" and so on. My next single is a take on the "F" word. It's about taking a negative word back for us to own. Find your inner queen and say, "Yes I am Fierce And Gorgeous Darling"! We can't let someone throw a name on us and let them use it as a negative. Push it back on them and say, "Yes Darling!" Another track is titled "You Didn't See Me Coming,” it's about all the Internet "Sherlock Holmes" types who were trying to figure out who got cast this season based on queens that may have disappeared for a few months, things like that. Darling you are destroying the fantasy. I don't want to know who is cast on the season until I hear Ru say "meet my girls!"

April Carrion

April Carrion comes from a long line of gorgeous Puerto Rican queens on the "Drag Race" stage. Unfortunately, her musical talents weren't up to par during the "Ru-Sical" and she was asked to sashay away.

April I was so sad to see you leave this past week during the musical theatre challenge.

I know baby, I was too! I definitely wanted to make top three this year. I wanted to really show them that a Puerto Rican queen could get that high in the competition.

Speaking of which, why do you think that so many Puerto Rican queens, like Madame LaQueer and Yara Sofia, go home earlier? Do you think the language barrier could potentially be a factor?

I guess it could be the reason with some of them, it definitely could play into it. I am luckily very fluent in English and it was not a barrier for me in the least. It is what it is, because for others the language has been a problem. Then again, not being very fluent in English can be a good thing; you get to block out the chatter in the workroom and really concentrate.

What do you think the best & worst parts of being on "RuPaul's Drag Race" were?

To be honest, I really enjoyed every single moment of my experience. I put alot of pressure on myself, which may not have been the best idea looking back. Also, I had never done drag outside of Puerto Rico, so this was a very different experience. I got to meet different types of queens and they got to experience my drag style as well. It was really so awesome and surreal.

There are already rumors that with so much talent on the past two seasons, a second season of "Drag Race All Stars" could be coming. Think you'd be up for that?

Oh absolutely! Like I said before, we need a Puerto Rican winner of "Drag Race" and I can't wait to be the first one when I win "All Stars"!

What's next for April Carrion? Do you plan to "Keep Calm & Carrion" like RuPaul suggested?

Oh definitely! Right now, I'm looking for that platform to do that. Maybe an art exhibition actually, I am collaborating with some really interesting artists, it's very different from what I'm used to. I want to explore a lot of other things and have others fall in love with April Carrion.