Sasha Belle came into the workroom this season on "RuPaul's Drag Race" literally, guns a blazing! Sasha did her homework on the show and its various seasons and challenges, and was aimed to go far. Sadly, the group song challenge proved to be this Iowa City darling's downfall. SFGN chatted with Sasha about her experience on "Drag Race,” the Iowa City drag scene, and what she has coming up next!

Right off the bat, coming from Iowa and dropped into Los Angeles onto one of the biggest reality competition shows currently on the air, what was it like going from a rural area into the national spotlight?

It was really exciting; I hadn't really traveled that much, I had never been to Los Angeles. I went to school for film, so it was really exciting for me to see a real live set and how things worked. I had never been to New York City either and I loved it! Our pictures were up in Times Square, it was completely crazy!

You're from Iowa. What is it like to be not just a drag queen, but also gay in the Midwest?

I'm from Iowa City, which is home to the University of Iowa, so it's pretty progressive. We have a younger crowd, as everyone grows up and moves away. I'm twenty-eight and I think seeing the much younger drag queens keep me on my toes and I love seeing their energy. People may think that being from Iowa the drag would be dated, but it really is the opposite; it's pretty progressive and out there.

On "Drag Race" what do you think your favorite part of the entire experience was?

Making friendships. I really wish they would have showed that more. I had so much fun meeting and spending time with all the girls, and I have stayed friends with them to this day.

And your least favorite part of the experience?

Standing on the main stage for so long in heels, but I knew I signed up for it. It seems like days LOL! I would have to say I did "overthunk" it too much. I used the word on the show, I know, it's not a word LOL. I did though, I was way too much in my own head and I think it's because I am such a super fan of the show. I really wanted to be the most memorable and I think it ended up being my downfall.

If you had stayed on the show, what do you think would have been one of your most successful challenges?

I was really looking forward to doing the "Snatch Game" challenge. I was going to be Teresa Caputo, the "Long Island Medium"!

Out of the group of girls that you were cast with, who do you still keep in touch with?

Well I knew Ginger (Minj) before the show started, so definitely her. I also love Jaidynn (Diorre Fierce) and Kandy (Ho) and they are fantastic.

It's a big group with a lot of girls with lots of talent. If you had to guess, who do you think really has a shot to take the crown this season?

I'm really rooting for Ginger. I think she would be a new kind of queen, a different kind of winner. She'd be the first "big girl" and it's been a while since a kind of "pageant girl" was a winner.

I never thought that I would want a pageant girl to take the crown, as the ones we've seen in the past on "Drag Race" were really standoffish and set in a certain way. This season, the pageant girls don't take themselves so seriously and they can act the fool. I think Ginger isn't just a great pageant queen, she's a great comedy queen. I mean, she just won the group dance challenge! I definitely think she has what it takes.

With this national exposure that you have now, what do you want to do next?

I'm really trying to put myself out there, I'm really trying to build up my YouTube following. I do "Drunk Makeover" and in Iowa we have a competition called "Sasha Belle's Drag Race" and I've been uploading them and the views have really been going up! I would want to move to California someday and would love to work for World of Wonder or LOGO, wherever I could get my foot in the door. Like I said, I went to school for film and I think I would have a great time working for one of them. I've been on "Drag Race" and I think I would be a new perspective.

If you had to sum up your whirlwind life right now, what do you think it would be?

I can give you a phrase; I was a complete turd on the show, but I still had a fantastic time!