We hope you're enjoying the new season of "RuPaul's Drag Race!" Keep up with the contestants on the show by reading their interviews below.

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Irene DuBois


Anetra from Las Vegas, Nevada

Jax, 25, from Queens, New York

Marcia Marcia Marcia, 25, from New York, New York

Aura Mayari, 30, from Nashville, Tennesse

Luxx Noir London, 22, from East Orange, New Jersey

Malaysia Babydoll Foxx, 32, from Miami, Florida

Mistress Isabelle Brooks, 24, from Houston, Texas

Princess Poppy, from San Francisco, California

Robin Pierce, 26, from Hartford, Connecticut

Salina EsTitties, 31, from Los Angeles, California

Sasha Colby, 37, from Los Angeles, California

Spice, 23, from Los Angeles, California

Sugar, 23, from Los Angeles, California

Loosey LaDuca from Ansonia, Connecticut

Amethyst, 27, from West Hartford, Connecticut

Irene Dubois from Seattle, Washington

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