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We hope you're enjoying the new season of "RuPaul's Drag Race!" Keep up with the contestants on the show by reading their interviews below.

Online Stories:

Willow Pill

Lady Camden

DeJa Skye


Jasmine Kennedie

Kerri Colby

Maddy Morphosis

Kornbread Jeté

Alyssa Hunter

Daya Betty

Orion Story

June Jambalaya


Alyssa Hunter is a 26-year-old queen from San Juan in Puerto Rico.

Angeria Paris VanMicheals is a 28-year-old queen from Atlanta, Georgia.

Known as the Demon Queen of Seattle, Bosco is a 28-year-old contestant from Montana.

Daya Betty is a 25-year-old queen from Missouri.

Queen DeJa Skye is 31 years old and from Fresno, California.

Jasmine Kennedie is a 22-year-old queen living in New York City.

Jorgeous, 21, is a Latina dancing queen from Nashville.

California-based June Jambalaya, 29, is best known for her fierce dance moves.

Dallas queen Kerri Colby hails from West Hollywood and is 24 years old.

Kornbread Jéte is a 29-year-old queen from Los Angeles.

Born in the UK, Lady Camden is now based in California and is 31 years old.

North Carolina queen Maddy Morphosis, 26, is the first contestant in Drag Race history to be a cisgender heterosexual man.

Orion Story, 25, is the first queen on Drag Race to represent Missouri.

Chicago queen Willow Pill, 26, is the drag daughter of season 11 winner Yvie Oddly.

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