RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 Winner Aquaria Talks Her New Single, Future New York Competitors, and What Her Drag Mother Sharon Needles Thought About Her Win

With a crowded workroom of fourteen extremely talented competitors, Season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race was set to be the fiercest competition yet. New York City had representation from five queens this year, but only one of them had what it took to snag the crown. Aquaria rose to the top of the pack (and never lip-synced once) and was crowned “America’s Next Drag Superstar”. I caught up with her to talk about her big win and what it means to her, how she is truly becoming a multimedia queen, and what New York City queen she thinks would be a worthy competitor for a future Drag Race season!

From the moment you walked into the RuPaul’s Drag Race workroom to the moment you walked out with the Season Ten crown, what does the whole experience mean to you?

It looks like the most beautiful display of fourteen queens who have put in the most work that they have ever had to put in during their entire careers. For me personally, it has been so validating of who I am as an entertainer and as an artist, and who I have been trying to convince everyone that I am as an entertainer and artist. It is the ultimate stamp of approval and the absolute proudest moment of my career so far.

What has your drag mother, Season Four winner Sharon Needles had to say about your big win?

Honestly, I have been so busy from last night until today, and I have not had a chance to talk to her. My real mother is thrilled though (laughs)! Sharon was holding out all season to give her official endorsement to me, but she did last week when we were both on the Work The World Tour in Finland and she could not be more proud.

You are slowly morphing into a true multimedia queen. You are working on a book and your new single “Burn Rubber” dropped today.

Yes, “Burn Rubber” dropped today, and we are working on the book right now. I have always wanted to do everything and anything that I can. Sometimes drag is a vehicle for people to explore their gender or to explore other things in life. For me, drag is a way for me to do every fucking job in the world, but in a dress and a wig. That definitely excites me.

You came


the completion with a following already, and some of the ladies may have underestimated you from the beginning. You turned out to turn some of the fiercest looks and out-shined some pretty experienced competitors. Was it surreal to see yourself surpass your competitors?

Oh for sure. I know I am a great lip syncer and a great entertainer and I can turn the party just as well as the other girls. The fact that I never lip synced and was not familiar with the stage as far as Drag Race goes did not necessarily intimidate me as much as I looked at it as a new challenge. I started new challenges in the past and excelled at them, so I would excel at this one. My mindset was to go in hoping to win and come out hopefully winning.

You work with all of the New York City girls, but there are still some fierce entertainers who have not hit the Drag Race workroom as of yet. Who do you think would be a fierce competitor on a future season of the show?

I am a huge fan of Ruby Fox. She is one of the coolest dancers, performers and entertainers around. She always gives you something new and always just wowing you with the way her body moves and how she emotes and performs. I would really love to see her on the show. I don’t know how the challenges and show aspects would work for her, but as an entertainer she would be the bees fucking knees.

What about the entire experience makes you the

most proud


Winning….kidding (laughs)! What makes the most proud is being included at all. it has been such a beautiful experience for me and such an important season to be on. I think it is a milestone for us to have made it this far. The quality of work that the girls have put out all season and the level of drag, discussion and entertainment that have been created from this show most importantly this season, is what is the most exciting to me.

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