"RuPaul's Drag Race" superstar Joslyn Fox brought both sexiness and heart to this season of the hit LOGO show. While Fox unfortunately went home during the makeover challenge, she certainly isn't going to be out of our sight for long. Fox sat down with SFGN to chat about her challenge of making over a straight man into a blushing bride, her relationship with Courtney Act, and an advice book from Ms. Fox?

You made it pretty far during this season. How did it feel to be among "the best of the best"?

My exit was as graceful as it was because I was beyond excited that I made it as far as I had. I went into the experience thinking that I'm already a winner that I've been cast, but I'm probably going to be the first to go home-and I wasn't! Every time I made it through another challenge and made it through another week, it really boosted my confidence and made me feel so validated.

The challenge every year where the girls partner up with straight men can be a tough experience. Your partner especially seemed to be uncomfortable in getting in drag. Thoughts?                                                                                                                

 What I think happened was that the wives of the other guys in the challenge told the other men what they were really getting into, and I don't think Brittany told Brandon what he signed up for. The other guys were like "yeah bring it on, let me put on some heels" and Brandon was looking at me saying "wait what did I sign up for?” That was definitely a challenge but it was a good challenge.

Brandon learned so much during the experience and I was really proud of myself watching the episode. He went from zero to sixty in terms of gay people and he was able to take that home. I know he was able to leave and enlighten his teammates when he got home. I was happy to get on the show so I could enlighten people and change the world in my own little way.

Did you really have a bride that got physically sick on the runway?

Oh it was so bad! I felt really bad…the dress that I made for him had lots of layers of tulle, and underneath those lights he was getting really warm. He was whispering to me that he was going to be sick, and then he said "I gotta go!” [Guest judge] Neil Patrick Harris jumped off the stage and handed him his bottle of water. He was so nice!

You went into the competition thinking of fellow queen Courtney Act as a virtual icon, and then as the season progressed your opinion seemed to change. Was that like to have happen during the show?

I've watched so many reality shows, and reunion time comes and people's opinions have changed, I didn't think that happened on "Drag Race.” It was only after watching the show back that I saw that Courtney was really irritated by me, so I guess I was kind of annoying. I realized on the first day that none of the other girls knew who Courtney Act was, especially in Australia, and I felt the need to kind of let the other girls know what a big deal she was. I got so excited and thought that I was being put on the same level of Courtney Act, I think I just got overly excited.

What do you think were the best and worst experiences that you are taking away from your "Drag Race" experience?

I'm the type of person that needs validation, and I think as human beings we all do. I thought that if I could get on this show, that meant that I was good enough as a drag queen. Going through all of the challenges and experiences with the other girls, I started to realize that I didn't need the validation from the other girls, the show, or RuPaul — I just needed it from myself. That's the best thing I can take a way from it.

As the show went on, I realized I couldn't compare myself to Courtney. I don't need to value myself based on Courtney or anyone else for that matter. That was my "aha moment.” I think the hardest times I had were when I was on the main stage when Michelle (Visage) would critique me because it never seemed like she was happy with my look. Their opinions only fueled the fire for the next day’s challenge though.

You've just come off a life changing experience that brought you to the attention of millions of people. What's next?

Many of the queens went into this experience already having illustrious careers, I'm still very much under the radar. This is just the beginning for Joslyn. As for recording music, I had a lot of fun recording Ru's music, and when I came out of the recording booth, the engineers swore that I had done it before. I've thought about maybe writing a book. Who knows maybe I will write a book and give some Joslyn advice. I did a lot on the show. I was like the Dr. Phil of the cast! What I wanted to do my whole life was to be in the entertainment world, and now that it's here I'm taking full advantage of it. I've always said "always have your craft ready; when opportunity knocks, you don't want to be naked, you want to be ready to go!”