Not since the elimination of Ben De La Creme last season were fans of "RuPaul's Drag Race" so shocked by a queen "sashaying away" — until fan favorite Trixie Mattel was eliminated last week.

While her performance during the video challenge may not have been the strongest, her elimination is controversial and definitely has fans up in arms; the #JusticeForTrixie hashtag for example, was trending on Twitter following the shocking elimination.

SFGN caught up with Trixie and chatted with her about the surprising way she left the competition, what girls she still stays in touch with, and how she really feels about the entire "Drag Race" experience.

Trixie, it's such a shame you had to leave so early in the competition. Were you as shocked as everyone else was?

I was literally stunned. I couldn’t even believe I was in the bottom. I loved my performance in the challenge, I was obsessed with my green runway look, and as in love with Pearl I am, I knew I would slay her in the lipsync.

I didn’t understand it when it happened in real time. And after watching the episode a few times- I still don’t get it. In fact, I understand Ru’s decision even less.

How hard was it lip synching against Pearl, a close friend of yours?

It was messed up. That’s all I’ll say. On drag race, you can’t get a best friend or a nemesis without ending up fighting to the death at some point.

You seemed to have such a great relationship with some of the other girls. Who have you stayed in touch with?

Katya and I got really close during filming and have basically fused together into conjoined twins at this point. She’s so, so funny. And beautiful and original. Out of drag, he’s the type of guy I want to marry some day. I loved Tempest DuJour and Ginger Minj as well.

What challenge would you have really rocked out? Who was your "Snatch Game" character going to be?

I would have ate a stand-up comedy challenge for breakfast ! I’m known for looking like I stepped off a toy shelf at ToysRUs but serving deadpan, cutting comedy. My snatch game would have been killer too- RuPaul. RuPaul has that strange RuPaul cadence and has word puns coming out of her ears- I love that!

Looking back on your "Drag Race" experience what was the best part of the entire experience?

Filming is not the best part — the best part is now. Filming drag race is 40 percent fun, 60 percent traumatic and stressful. The prize of the experience is touring the world right now, making my fans laugh, and kissing their faces afterward!

What was the worst part of the entire "Drag Race" experience?

The worst part was any of the “TV” moments- being forced to lip-sync against my friend, being in "Untucked" where you’re probed to critique each other, etc. I was there to do fantastic drag, but I was not there to cut each other up.

What's next for Trixie?

Well I learned from episode 4 that I’m not funny, I can’t sing, and I can’t lip sync. So I might pursue corporate law.

If you could describe your life right now in one word, what would it be?

Dream-like. I am literally living my dream. I get to show up in a new city every night and be Trixie Mattel- look like a child’s toy and spit off-color jokes. Who wouldn’t want to be Trixie Mattel?